ICNY Sport Asia Tour 2016

Posted on April 20 2016

ICNY Sport is taking Asia by storm with a four week North Asia tour ( Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong) with a pitstop in Singapore from April 22nd to May 25th 2016. Mike Cherman, Creative director and founder of ICNY will be conducting live sessions of Custom Labs with official partner stores to showcase exclusive 3M reflective designs.

This tour is coupled with a special tie-up with YetiOut, a Shanghai/ UK based music collective for an exclusive mixtape release featuring US and Asia’s finest artists in all the cities we will be in this time round.


Hong Kong - Dre Dogue / Floyd Cheung / Delf

Shanghai - Zean / Swimful / Fader One

Beijing - Howie Lee / Zhi 16 / Soulspeak

Singapore – Fzpz / Kiat (Syndicate)

Taipei - Arisophanes / Rgry


YETI OUT is a creative collective that originated in London & now primarily based in Shanghai & Hong Kong. What started as club nights & warehouse parties lead to debuting artists like Young Guru, DJ Sliink and Soulection to Asia's club circuit. Constantly pushing the envelope in Asia's underground music scene & with the collective on both sides of the Atlantic, YETI DJs draw influences from left field oddities to future bass, grime, ratchet rap and everything in between while linking East & West. 


To celebrate the bridge between street fashion and urban music, ICNY teamed up with Shanghai via Hong Kong music collective YetiOut on curating a Mixtape best representing this Spring’s touring cities. With genre blending beats from artist’s leading lights in their own respected cities, oriental samples from Beijing’s Howie Lee are mixed with Sino Grime from Shanghai’s Swimful and back to Shy Guy’s sub heavy New York soundscapes, mirroring ICNY’s own influences.

The half hour music journey takes us around South East Asia with tracks that serve equally well as space-out public-transit vibe magnets to club-ready grinding fuel. Keep your ears out for more frequencies from Yeti Out at the three ICNY parties spanning Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan this May.

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