Video: Dark Nights, Bright Lights

Posted on March 01 2013

The video features a preview of ICNY apparel and socks that will hit stores 9/15 along side concept and bespoke pieces, which showcase directional designs and functionality of the 3M based line. “We outfitted cyclists and skaters in ICNY and had them do their thing,” says Cherman. “This way those not familiar with the brand can get an understanding of the functionality in the product.”

The video was directed by Vanessa Black and features local up-and-coming skaters including our own Auriel Rickard (Ice Cold intern) along with Travon McCall, Tom Weiss, Joe Kelly, Marcello Campanello, Isa Tineo, Jose Vega and Zack Harnish.

Director: Vanessa Black
Editor: Jill Black
Cinematographer: Mike Berlucchi
First AC: Jason Ano
Make Up: Misaki Ishihara
Music: “The Big Dip” by The Range.
Special Thanks: Mica Studios, Mic Becker, Beril Gulcan, Eastern Rentals, Edge Rentals, Small Empires Skate Park, James Hinton, Jack Richardson & The Masses.

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